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Monday, November 23, 2009
By SeattleTool

If this is the first time you’ve heard that one of Formula 1 racer Michael Schumacher’s cars is for sale on Ebay, unfortunately you’re probably too late to cast a bid. We regret that things didn’t end differently. This could have been the first time you finished your Christmas shopping in November. The only piece left in the puzzle would have been one of those ridiculous giant bows and you could have rested easy for a month while everyone else was scurrying to the mall. Dare to dream. Schumacher’s car -- the Benetton B194 that he drove to his first Forumula 1 world title -- was listed with a minimum bid of $1 US. But bargain hunters were soon disappointed, as the price shot up to more than three million dollars (cdn) in a week of bidding. Also disappointing is the fact that the buyer can’t drive it off the lot or weave in and out of freeway traffic on the way to work (talk about shortening your commute time). Shipping alone is in the $15,000 range. Other dream gifts this holiday season include the world’s fastest electric motorcycle, which can reportedly reach speeds of 150 mph (and costs a mere $73,000 before shipping and taxes -- through Neiman Marcus), and artisan wine making lessons at a private estates (a steal at $20,000 for you and a guest) But top end gifts are not all glitz and one of a kind cultural artifacts. Earlier this month, Forbes Magazine reported that the National Retail Federation (US) interviewed hundreds of professional women only to discover that the thing they want most is both rare and priceless. They want time. Time to step away from busy schedules and to-do lists. Time to spend, sometimes frivolously -- simply going for a long walk or wasting away an afternoon with a good book -- sometimes in a meaningful way that will lead to a more balanced life. The undercurrent of the piece was that time, when given as a gift, is really a license for busy people to gain back a sense of self. Not exactly the answer the Retail Federation was likely looking for, but an enlightening conclusion none-the-less. We aren’t brokers of time, but giving you the tools to save it (literally) is part of our overall identity. Having high end tools that get jobs done smoothly, with precision, and in an organized manner, translates into time savings. This Christmas, we encourage all Seattle Tool users to put their tools to good use before the big day, bank those extra minutes, then cash them in for bonus time with the ones that matter to you the most. We’ll bet that even Schumacher would trade his old wheels in for that precious commodity.

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