Lasting Memories Are Made this Way

Saturday, December 12, 2009
By SeattleTool

There’s a scene in the middle of the movie A Christmas Story (1983), when the Parker family gets a flat tire on the way home from Christmas shopping, circa 1940-something. “Time me” says Dad as he jumps from the car and grabs the spare. Seconds later, Nine-year-old Ralph Parker is stunned when his mom encourages him to go help his dad for the first time. Clearly this is a right of passage for Ralph. He’s not some little kid who has to sit in the car now. It’s time for him to get a turn with the tools. If you’ve seen the movie, you know that things don’t exactly work out the way either father or son planned. But minor catastrophes aside, Ralph’s initiation into the world of father/son car repair was memorable. So if you think the only message giving tools will send this Christmas is “get to work”, take a closer look. Although guys aren’t likely to admit any sort of sentimentality -- at least not publicly -- the truth is that tools are not completely practical. First off, let’s get one thing straight. Even if he cried at the end of Old Yeller, a man is not going to pick up a off-set wrench, get a faraway look in his eyes and shed a tear as he remembers replacing a timing belt with his dad. Yet, there’s still a tinge of euphoria that creeps in with childhood memories of getting greasy in the garage. The clang of tools hitting the floor, the smell of motor oil, the glow of engine coolant, are just a few things that trigger fond memories of learning the essentials from Dad. Guys who use top end tools don’t sit around and chat. But they like to talk while they’re doing things. So it makes sense that those Saturday afternoons spent under the hood with dad were a precious commodity. It’s wrong then, to assume that practical gifts are inferior to sentimental gifts. Or that the two are mutually exclusive. Working together links fond memories to those objects that seem, on the surface, to be ‘all business’. At Seattle Tool we often say that our tools are designed to last for generations. And we don’t mean in museums. We’re confident that our products will stay on the active roster, helping your grandkids create memories with their kids as they fix plumbing, restore cars and tune-up bikes together. By the way, our tools don’t come ‘preloaded’ with memories.

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