Investing in What Will Last

Monday, March 15, 2010
By SeattleTool

What cuts through the hectic pace of day to day life and redirects your focus? What causes you to weigh what is truly valuable? There’s an old adage that no one lays on their deathbed and regrets that they didn’t spend more time at the office. The sentiment, that real life is lived in those moments when you're not chained to a five-year-plan, is something we need to keep revisiting. But sometimes we need a wake up call. We have our noses so closely to the grindstone that we have trouble looking up and get some healthy perspective on what's important. Last month, in a wave of enthusiasm that surprised even Olympic organizers, Canadians banded together and spoke loud and proud about their love for this country and the athletes who represented it. That unprecedented patriotic fervor caused the entire nation to embrace their common values -- among them, determination, team work, compassion, and hope. Doug Anderson, the senior vice-president of Decima Research commented that he couldn’t remember when “ as many Canadians felt as good about the same thing at the same time" after his company conducted a survey that focused on Canadian attitudes about the winter Olympics. Now the question on everyone's lips: will it last? Will the good will and togetherness that spilled over into the streets in every Canadian town and city continue to flow into the future and create lasting effects? Only time will tell. When our decisions are based on deeply held values, they stand whatever tests time throws at them. Whether you take a chance and invite someone new to this country over to watch a hockey game or you decide to spend money on a tool set that won't end up in a scrap heap in two years, you're acting on values that go beyond those seemingly simple actions. You see the importance in investing in something that will last beyond your footprint on this earth. Recently, a Seattle Tool customer who made a considerable investment in our tools compared his purchase to the last time he bought a computer. “I spent the same amount on that computer but in a few years it will be obsolete and sitting in an electronics graveyard,” he said. “These tools will last the rest of my life and then some, and they’ll pay for themselves over and over.” His story echoes the words of American businessman and philanthropist Warren Buffet, who is known for saying "Price is what you pay. Value is what you get." That distinction holds true in so many facets of life, even when it comes to purchasing tools. Whether you’re talking about time or money, it’s only worth investing in things that will last. When it comes to our products, the two go hand in hand. And our dedication to making tools with a perpetual shelf life, ensures that your initial investment draws returns not merely for months or years, but for generations. Gold medal aspirations to be sure.

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