1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” Extension Bar Set

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Dependable, easy to manipulate extension bars for those hard to reach places. This set comes in the most common sizes and won’t let you down, no matter what contortions you need to perform. Because mechanics and yoga don’t naturally go together.


1/4" Dr. Extension Bars
EX-2040-050 1/4" Dr Extension Bar - 50mm
EX-2040-100 1/4" Dr Extension Bar - 100mm
EX-2040-150 1/4" Dr Extension Bar - 150mm
3/8" Dr. Extension Bars
EX-3040-075 3/8" Dr Extension Bar - 75mm
EX-3040-150 3/8" Dr Extension Bar - 150mm
EX-3040-250 3/8" Dr Extension Bar - 250mm
1/2" Dr. Extension Bars
EX-4040-075 1/2" Dr Extension Bar - 75mm
EX-4040-150 1/2" Dr Extension Bar - 150mm
EX-4040-250 1/2" Dr Extension Bar - 250mm
Universal Joints
UJ-2301-001 1/4" Dr Universal Joint
UJ-3301-001 3/8" Dr Universal Joint
UJ-4301-001 1/2" Dr Universal Joint
FM-0104-0308 1/4"F to 3/8"M Adapter
FM-0308-0104 3/8"F to 1/4"M Adapter
FM-0308-0102 3/8"F to 1/2"M Adapter
FM-0102-0308 1/2"F to 3/8"M Adapter

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