26" Tool Chest & Cabinet

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A flashback to childhood: hearing dad banging around in the garage --frantically looking high and low for that one elusive wrench that he couldn’t finish a job without -- and remembering that you left it on the curb last Tuesday after using it to tighten the banana seat on your bike.

Seattle Tool boxes are designed to keep your tools in their place, so you know right away when one has gone astray. Each of our tool sets is housed in a high density foam unit designed to fit perfectly into smooth gliding, roll retracting drawers. And with hand brushed drawer and cabinet handles and classy matte finish, you could almost make them part of your living room decor. (* note: the previous statement is provided as an illustration only and not intended to cause marital discord of any kind)


26" Tool Chest
Net Weight 55 lbs
Gross Weight 61 lbs
Storage Capacity 2101 cu. in.
Dimensions (W,D,H) 25-15/16”, 12-1/16”, 14-7/8”
3 Mini-Drawers 6-5/8", 10-11/16", 1-15/16" each
2 Drawers 22-3/8", 10-11/16", 1-15/16" each
1 Drawer 22-3/8", 10-11/16", 2-5/16" each
26" Tool Cabinet
Net Weight 138 lbs
Gross Weight 146 lbs
Storage Capacity 9147 cu. in.
Dimensions (W,D,H) 26", 18-1/16", 39-3/8"
5 Drawers 22-3/8", 15-11/16", 2-15/16" each
2 Drawers 22-3/8", 15-11/16", 6-1/16" each

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