3/8" Dr. Socket Bit Set

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If there was a first team all-star selection for Socket Bits, this would be the starting lineup. Hex, Torx and Spline Socket Bits are game breakers when it comes to finishing a job where precision and strength are paramount. Sure, your dreams of being paraded across the field on the shoulders of adoring fans haven’t materialized (yet), but you can still experience the taste of under-the-hood victory when you put this trio to the test.


Hex Socket Bits
HBS-3610-0510 Hex Socket Bit - H5 x 138mm
HBS-3610-0610 Hex Socket Bit - H6 x 100mm
HBS-3610-0710 Hex Socket Bit - H7 x 100mm
HBS-3610-0810 Hex Socket Bit - H8 x 100mm
Torx Socket Bits
HBS-3650-4010 Torx Socket Bit - T40 x 138mm
HBS-3650-4510 Torx Socket Bit - T45 x 100mm
HBS-3650-5510 Torx Socket Bit - T55 x 138mm
HBS-3650-7010 Torx Socket Bit - T70 x 100mm
Spline Socket Bits
HBS-3660-0610 Spline Socket Bit - M6 x 100mm
HBS-3660-0810 Spline Socket Bit - M8 x 100mm
HBS-3660-1010 Spline Socket Bit - M10 x 100mm
HBS-3660-1210 Spline Socket Bit - M12 x 100mm

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