3/8" Dr. Socket Set (MM)

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You know that dream -- the one where you show up to class without your full range of 3/8” sockets? Now you can sleep easy knowing you have a full compliment of 6mm to 24mm sockets, 16mm and 21mm Spark Plug Sockets and three handy extension bars (75mm, 150mm, and 250 mm) tucked in for the night.


The Part of Ratcheting Head of 3/8" Dr. Ratchet Handle comes with a Limited One Year Warranty.


3/8" Dr Sockets (6PT) CR-V
SK-3060-006 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 6mm
SK-3060-008 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 8mm
SK-3060-009 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 9mm
SK-3060-010 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 10mm
SK-3060-011 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 11mm
SK-3060-012 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 12mm
SK-3060-013 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 13mm
SK-3060-014 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 14mm
SK-3060-015 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 15mm
SK-3060-016 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 16mm
SK-3060-017 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 17mm
SK-3060-018 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 18mm
SK-3060-019 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 19mm
SK-3060-020 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 20mm
SK-3060-021 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 21mm
SK-3060-022 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 22mm
SK-3060-024 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 24mm
Ratchet Handle
RS-1430-072 3/8" Dr Ratchet 72T
Sliding T-Bar
STB-3101-165 3/8" Dr Sliding T-Bar
Universal Joint
UJ-3301-001 3/8" Dr Universal Joint
3/8" Dr. Spark Plug Sockets
SP-3601-016 3/8" Dr Spark Plug Socket(6PT) - 16mm
SP-3601-021 3/8" Dr Spark Plug Socket(6PT) - 21mm
3/8" Dr. Extension Bars
EX-3040-075 3/8" Dr Extension Bar - 75mm
EX-3040-150 3/8" Dr Extension Bar - 150mm
EX-3040-250 3/8" Dr Extension Bar - 250mm

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