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Now that you have finely crafted Engineer’s and Dead-Blow Hammers you can add a level of sophistication to all that barbaric tapping and banging in the shop.
Pound per pound, you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth out of this set, which also comes with a standard Center Punch and three Drift Punches (150 mm, 165 mm and 180 mm).

The Interchangeable Double Soft Face Hammer's soft faces are a consuming part subject to wear and tear. This part is not covered under the warranty.


Engineer's Hammer
HM-7010-500 500g Engineer's Hammer
Interchangeable Double Soft Face Hammer
HM-7111-035 Interchangeable Double Soft Face Hammer - 35mm
Center Punch
PC-2840-2120 Standard Center Punch - #2 x 120mm
Drift Punches
PC-2810-4150 Drift Punch - 4 x 150mm
PC-2810-5165 Drift Punch - 5 x 165mm
PC-2810-6180 Drift Punch - 6 x 180mm

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