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It’s a little known fact that Punch and Chisel were a dynamic alt-rock duo poised on the cusp of greatness until artistic differences caused them to part ways. Fortunately our Punch and Chisel set has nothing in common with those two. Featuring a wide selection of drift and nail punches, a centre punch and six high precision chisels (including a cape chisel) this set will outlast decades of fads, trends and questionable music.


Drift Punches
PC-2810-2115 Drift Punch - 2 x 115mm
PC-2810-3125 Drift Punch - 3 x 125mm
PC-2810-4150 Drift Punch - 4 x 150mm
PC-2810-5165 Drift Punch - 5 x 165mm
PC-2810-6180 Drift Punch - 6 x 180mm
PC-2810-8180 Drift Punch - 8 x 180mm
Nail Punches
PC-2820-3120 Nail Punch - 3 x 120mm
PC-2820-4120 Nail Punch - 4 x 120mm
PC-2820-5120 Nail Punch - 5 x 120mm
PC-2820-6120 Nail Punch - 6 x 120mm
PC-2830-1014 Chisel - 10 x 140mm
PC-2830-1215 Chisel - 12 x 150mm
PC-2830-1618 Chisel - 16 x 180mm
PC-2830-1818 Chisel - 18 x 180mm
PC-2830-2220 Chisel - 22 x 200mm
Cape Chisel
PC-2850-5130 Cape Chisel - 5 x 130mm
Center Punch
PC-2860-0004 Auto Center Punch

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