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Precision and strength can be a rare duo. The two only get along if they’re properly designed to compliment each other. Kind of like spouses.
Seattle Tool screwdriver sets don’t bend, crack, chip or do anything else but get the job done smoothly and hassle free.
Slotted Screwdriver
SCW-1610-0615 Screwdriver - S6 x 38mm
SCW-1610-0303 Screwdriver - S3 x 75mm
SCW-1610-0504 Screwdriver - S5 x 100mm
SCW-1610-0604 Screwdriver - S6 x 100mm
Phillips Screwdriver
SCW-1620-0215 Screwdriver - PH2 x 38mm
SCW-1620-0003 Screwdriver - PH0 x 75mm
SCW-1620-0104 Screwdriver - PH1 x 100mm
SCW-1620-0204 Screwdriver - PH2 x 100mm

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