We think Seattle Tool has some of the most beautiful, functional and reliable socket sets, wrench sets, extension bars, drivers and tool storage solutions on the planet. But don't take our word for it. Faithful customers swear by our quality products. So we'll let them tell you about it.

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Marcel's Story “Aviation quality says it all. Superbike racing is very similar to flying, even when preparing for the next race. If the job can be done quicker, then everything becomes easier. Seattle Tool ratchets have rubber handles, allowing me to work fast without worrying about scratching or denting my gas tank. I also use the ST short blue grip extensions on a regular basis. They make finger tightening a breeze, reducing downtime.”

Marcel Irnie
Parts Canada Superbike National Racer




Roy's Story “Having a good reputation in motorsports is crucial for my business, so I only endorse superior companies like Seattle Tool, who are at the top of the industry. In our profession, time is money. Seattle Tool products pay for themselves quickly because they are so easy to keep organized, saving us valuable time at every event.

With time being of an essence working between sessions at the Edmonton Indy, the organization of the tools was a big key to getting our work done under pressure. We’re the biggest race team on the West Coast and one of the largest in Canada. We could choose any tool box to put in there, but we chose Seattle Tool for days exactly like today."

Roy Gangdal
General Manager of Proformance Racing (formerly with NASCAR)



Rick's Story “I just opened a new office and the Seattle Tool Dr. Socket Set was perfect for assembling varied pieces of office furniture and accessories that we had to put together in a short time. The look and style of the tools fit perfectly in an environment where it was important to maintain a professional image -- even when we were adjusting chairs and tightening table legs. I like the look and packaging so much, I plan to give engraved sets to current and prospective clients. It’s an easy way to send the message that quality matters to us.”

Rick Singh
President of CRS Financial Group Ltd.



Ian's Story “Three features particularly impressed me with the Seattle Tool products I own -- fit, finish and ease of use. Some people say you’re not supposed to “sweat the small stuff”, but that shouldn’t apply to tools. Those small details -- consistent plating, easy to grip rubber handles, strong 6-point sockets driven by a quick release, fine action ratchet mechanism -- are important when you’re talking about ease of use. During my high school and college teaching career I taught students the proper use of mechanic's and metal-working hand tools. In my experience these tools do the job well and are a pleasure to use.”

Ian Mathie
Retired High School and College Instructor



Bradley's Story “We used to spend a lot of time looking for tools. Our new, highly-organized set of Seattle Tools has eliminated that entirely. These tools have paid for themselves. Seattle Tool products are professional quality tools at a reasonable price. The foam inserts keep tools organized. We never lose tools.

The service cart is very well built, saves me time on the job site, it rolls over cords fairly easy. The two shelves, top tray and side tray make it easy to set up for an operation and be organized to save me time from going from work area to work area. We used them down at BC Place and I have also used them at some of my apartment complexes that we do work for and it saves me time and you don’t have to carry all of your tools and parts...saves the back!

Currently one of the carts is now used for guys' tools as he rolls that right to the cars to work on and then is able to go to the next car, nice casters... rolls smoothly."

Bradley Tomchuk
Owner of Broco Auto Glass, White Rock



Lamont's Story “I’ve been a professional race mechanic for the past six years. Seattle Tool products really rise above the pack when it comes to working trackside. Every tool has a home, so by simply glancing into a drawer I know right away before I even leave the shop, that I’ll have everything I need with me when I get to the pits and paddocks.

When I switched over to Seattle Tool, the first thing I noticed was how much set up time I was saving. I don’t need to take an hour anymore to organize my tools when I get to the track.

And I particularly like the open end wrenches. They have strong, thin side walls, and they’re comfortable in your hand, making jobs like tightening jam nuts fly by in no time. In our business speed is everything, on and off the track. So if I can gain an advantage by using the right tools, I’ll take it.”

Lamont Stanley
Professional Stock Car Mechanic



Bruce's Story “I’ve been riding motorcycles and doing my own maintenance for a dozen years. During the rainy days of winter, I like to tinker around in my shop. This year, I decided to try out Seattle Tool’s Geartech wrenches when I replaced the handle bars on my Harley Road King.

The wrenches felt good in my hands. I noticed that right away. They were light, but strong, so I was able to reach into tight spots easily without feeling like I was ‘banging around’ the engine. And they fit just right, no sloppy connections.

The same wrenches I used to work on my bike also did the trick when I assembled our new barbecue. So, I guess the last piece of the puzzle has been put in place. If all goes according to planned, this summer I’ll find a few weekends to cruise along the ocean during the day and throw some steaks on the grill when I get home.”

Bruce Foster
Facilities Manager



Jim's Story “I have a home based business building street rods. My main area of interest is wiring although I have done all phases of building except paint and body work. I use the Seattle Tool socket sets, gear wrenches, screw drivers, and combination wrenches every day in my shop. All of these tools feel great in my hands, are well balanced and strong. The locking mechanism in the ratchet is very good and keeps the extensions and sockets very secure during use. Anyone who works with mechanical tools would be very pleased to have a set of these.

Because each piece has its own pocket, the level of organization also improves my working environment. This makes it easier to locate a tool, which of course makes me more efficient. With Chistmas just around the corner, Seattle Tools are great for gifts, at reasonable prices anyone can afford. Good value for money in my opinion! It's like being in a candy store......which one should I pick? I guess beautiful tools are like candy to a gear head and these candies are all sweet.”

Jim Lyons
Street Rod Builder



Dave's Story “After working for more than thirty years as a professional welder, I’ve become accustomed to making a lot of things on my own -- boat motor mounts, trailers . . . even a mobile jersey rack for my son’s lacrosse team. I always have a project on the go. It’s just a way of life, I guess.

Seattle Tools are so well crafted, they’re a great advantage for guys like me who like to design and build things to our own specifications. The way I see it, one of the keys to quality workmanship is having strong, comfortable to grip, hand tools at my disposal.

These tools would be a great investment for anybody, especially for younger guys entering a mechanical trade. Lucky for me, I don’t have to put on my boots and go to work anymore. But even though my days constructing boilers are over, there’s still a 1960 Morris Minor convertible sitting in the garage that needs my attention from time to time.”

David March
75, Retired Welder and Home Mechanic



Raie's Story “I’ve been around cars and racing literally all my life. My dad was a race marshall when I was a kid and I ate, played, even took my afternoon nap, at the track -- the grassy area behind turn one, if I remember right.

Seattle Tools belong at the track. Their sockets and hex keys are absolutely awesome. The sockets move smoothly. They’re not clunky. And because they are made of high quality steel, the walls are thin enough to fit properly in tight spaces -- whether I’m changing bearings or tuning an engine.

Once I started using Seattle Tools, I realized how much I love the way they are packaged too. The foam insert makes it easy to organize them and ensures that I know exactly when a piece is missing (and when its time to ask my teenager about its whereabouts). They’re going to be used by our pit crew from now on.”

Raie Howlett
Race Enthusiast



I am the one thanking you. First: for the great quality of the tote box. The drawer runners are the best I have used, better then my old one.

The delivery was fantastic. I received it 3 days from the order date.

The box is for my grandson who is starting out at aviation school in North Bay, Ontario to become an Aviation Engineer like his grandfather (me)... the school requests that he only bring in a small box. He will be definitely awed when he walks in with this box. I have spent hours locally trying to find a two drawer box of this quality, with no luck.

Thank you Seattle Tool.

Bill De Meester


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