Electrical Circuit Tester and Wire Stripper/Crimper Set



For your next automotive electrical project, cover the basics with Seattle Tool's Electrical Tester and Wire Stripper/Crimper Set. The set features an electrical circuit tester (6V - 24V DC) and a combination wire stripper/crimper. Also included are a roll of general-purpose vinyl electrical tape and a handy set of wiring terminals and connectors (20 Nylon Insulated Ring Terminal 4.3mm 16-14AWG, Nylon Insulated Spade Terminal 4.3mm 16-14AWG, Nylon Insulated Butt Terminal 1.063 x 0.205 16-14AWG, Nylon Insulated Female Disconnector Nema tab 0.02 x 0.187 16-14AWG, Vinyl Insulated Male Disconnector Nema tab 0.032 x 0.250 16-14AWG, Wire Nut0.693 x 0.386).


  • EVA foam set with 3 pieces plus 108-piece terminal and connector kit
  • Durable electrical circuit tester rated from 6V to 24V
  • Precision stripper/crimper strips 10 - 22 AWG stranded wire, crimps 10 - 22 AWG and cuts wire
  • 7mm general purpose vinyl electrical tape insulates up to 600V with UL and CSA ratings
  • 108-piece terminal and connector kit


STVT8808 Circuit Tester
STWS126 Wire Stripper/Crimper
STETKit Electrical Terminals Kit
STET-T3 Electrical Tape


The wire stripper/crimper in this set is covered by a lifetime warranty. The circuit tester is covered under warranty for one year after the purchasing date. Visit our Warranty page for a complete breakdown of our policy.