Heavy Duty Air Die Grinder Duo Set - 16 Pieces



Cover all your die grinder needs with this complete set, featuring both a straight-style grinder and 90° angle grinder, as well as all the components you need to get working on your next project.


  • Two Ball Bearing Spindle Construction provides concentricity within 0.05 mm
  • Built-in Power/Speed Regulator offers precise, fine-tuning control and speed adjustment
  • 360° Rear Swivel Exhaust for precise adjustment to keep exhaust away from the work area
  • Built-in Safety Trigger prevents accidental startups
  • Ergonomic rubber grip handle provides insulation against cold temperatures and reduces vibration and muscle fatigue
  • Includes a high density, precision-cut EVA foam case


STIWGD-125 Right Angle, Heavy Duty Air Die Grinder
STIWGD-120 Straight, Heavy Duty Air Die Grinder
STIWGD-B Spanner - 3"
STIWGD-S Spanner - 2"
STIWDH-PR304 Roll On Disc Holder - 3"
STIWDH-PR204 Roll On Disc Holder - 2"
STIWSD-3 Sanding/Stripping/Finishing Discs - 5 Pieces, 3"
STIWSD-2 Sanding/Stripping/Finishing Discs - 5 Pieces, 2"


The heavy duty air die grinders in this set are covered under warranty for one year after the purchasing date. Visit our Warranty page for a complete breakdown of our policy.