Punch and Chisel Set - 17 Pieces



The ultimate punch and chisel set. Whether you are a professional mechanic or a serious hobbyist, this comprehensive set is sure to suit your needs.


  • EVA foam set with 17 punches and chisels, including an auto center punch
  • Precision-tempered Chrome molybdenum steel provides optimal toughness and reduces vibration
  • Modified parabolic striking head reduces mushrooming
  • Chip-resistant chrome finishing for long lasting corrosion resistance


Deep Sockets
ST28102115 Drift/Pin Punch 2 - 115mm
ST28103125 Drift/Pin Punch 3 - 125mm
ST28104150 Drift/Pin Punch 4 - 150mm
ST28105165 Drift/Pin Punch 5 - 165mm
ST28106180 Drift/Pin Punch 6 - 180mm
ST28108180 Drift/Pin Punch 8 - 180mm
ST28203120 Nail/Taper Punch 3 - 120mm
ST28204120 Nail/Taper Punch 4 - 120mm
ST28205120 Nail/Taper Punch 5 - 120mm
ST28206120 Nail/Taper Punch 6 - 120mm
ST28301014 Chisel 10 - 140mm
ST28301215 Chisel 12 - 150mm
ST28301618 Chisel 16 - 180mm
ST28301818 Chisel 18 - 180mm
ST28302220 Chisel 22 - 200mm
ST28505130 Cape Chisel 5 - 130mm
ST28600004 Auto Center Punch


The components of this product are covered by a lifetime warranty. Visit our Warranty page for a complete breakdown of our policy.