Hammer and Dolly Set - 7 Pieces



The Seattle Tool 7 Piece Hammer and Dolly Set features 7 common body hammers, dollies and spoon used in a wide variety of common auto body and sheet metal work. The hammers and dollies are precision forged, machined and heat-treated to provide excellent durability and strength. Balanced handle made from premium hickory provides comfort and control when working. Dollies provide a variety of low and high crowns, flat surfaces and different radii for a wide variety of shapes and applications. PE+EVA foam shadow tray keeps the tools organized and secured.


  • PE+EVA foam set with Short Pick Hammer, Curve Cross Chisel Hammer, Toe Dolly, Heel Dolly, Utility Dolly, Door Knob Dolly and Short Curved Spoon
  • Drop forged and precision heat treated to provide in excellent durability and strength
  • Precision ground and finished for usability right out of the box
  • Tough and balanced hickory handles provides comfort, control and long lasting durability


STHM511 Short Pick Hammer
STHM521 Curve Cross Chisel Hammer
STHM610 Toe Dolly
STHM612 Heel Dolly
STHM613 Utility Dolly
STHM615 Door Knob Dolly
STHM651 Short Curved Spoon


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