Frequently Asked Questions

1) Purchasing

Where can I buy Seattle Tool products?

You can purchase Seattle Tool products directly from our website, through The Home Depot's Canadian website ( or at any Lordco Auto Parts store. To find the nearest Lordco store near you, check out our Store Locator.

Can I buy individual tools, or do I have to buy a foam cased tool set?

Yes! We are working on listing all individual tools on the online store. If you can't find an individual tool, contact us at and we can create a custom checkout for you.

Can I purchase Seattle Tool products from the United States?

Yes, but not currently through our online store. To place an order from the United States, contact us at and we can create a custom checkout for you.

If I buy purchase a large amount of products, do I get a discount?

For inquiries regarding large volume discounts, please contact our sales team at 

Can I return a product that I have purchased?

For a breakdown of our return policy, follow this link to our Shipping & Returns page.

2) Products 

What is Seattle Tool's warranty policy?

Our tools come with a no-hassle lifetime warranty, with the exception of our ratchets, torque wrenches and air tools, which are covered under warranty for one year after purchase. For a comprehensive breakdown of our warranty policy, check out our Warranty Information page.

Where are the tools and tool cabinets manufactured?

Seattle Tool's products are primarily manufactured in Taiwan. Over the last several decades, Taiwan has become a world leader in the manufacturing of tools and machinery, optoelectronics, computing technology and biotechnology.

What types of steel are used in the manufacturing of Seattle Tool boxes and tools?

Our tool cabinets, top chests and hand-carry boxes are all made from premium cold-rolled steel (0.8 mm to 1.2 mm). Our hand tools are made from Chrome molybdenum or Chrome vanadium alloy steels. All tools are precision heat treated to best suit the application of the tool.

3) Other Questions

How do I get Seattle Tool to sponsor my event, my team or race car?

If you are interested in a Seattle Tool sponsorship, email with your contact information and we will follow up with your request.