3/8" Socket and Driver Set - 25 Pieces Metric



Get more work done with Seattle Tool's collection of sockets, ratchet and extensions with a precision 72-tooth ratchet and full complement of 6mm to 24mm 6-point sockets. Also included in this set are 16mm and 21mm spark plug sockets, a sliding T-Bar driver, a universal joint, and three handy extension bars (75mm, 150mm, and 250 mm), all in 3/8" drive.


  • Fully loaded EVA foam set with 25 pieces in 3/8" drive metric sizes
  • 72-tooth ratchet provides 5 degrees of operation for tight spaces
  • Full complement of extensions in 75mm, 150mm and 250mm lengths
  • Specialty spark plug sockets in 16mm and 21mm protect spark plugs when fastening
  • Grooved 6-pt sockets and extensions allow for better grip on greasy jobs
  • Cr-V with scratch, grease, and corrosion resistant satin finish


3/8" Dr Sockets (6PT) CR-V
SK380606 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 6mm
SK380608 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 8mm
SK380609 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 9mm
SK380610 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 10mm
SK380611 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 11mm
SK380612 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 12mm
SK380613 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 13mm
SK380614 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 14mm
SK380615 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 15mm
SK380616 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 16mm
SK380617 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 17mm
SK380618 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 18mm
SK380619 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 19mm
SK380620 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 20mm
SK380621 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 21mm
SK380622 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 22mm
SK380624 3/8" Dr Socket (6PT) - 24mm
Ratchet Handle
STRH38072 3/8" Dr Ratchet 72T
Sliding T-Bar
STH38165 3/8" Dr Sliding T-Bar
Universal Joint
STUJ38 3/8" Dr Universal Joint
3/8" Dr. Spark Plug Sockets
STSP380616 3/8" Dr Spark Plug Socket(6PT) - 16mm
STSP380621 3/8" Dr Spark Plug Socket(6PT) - 21mm
3/8" Dr. Extension Bars
STEXB3875 3/8" Dr Extension Bar - 75mm
STEXB38150 3/8" Dr Extension Bar - 150mm
STEXB38250 3/8" Dr Extension Bar - 250mm


The non-ratcheting components of this product are covered by a lifetime warranty. The ratchet is covered under warranty for one year after purchase. Visit our Warranty page for a complete breakdown of our policy.