Pliers Set - 5 Pieces



The Seattle Tool 5 Piece Pliers Set features 5 common pliers and cutters used in a wide range of jobs. Pliers are precision forged, machined and heat-treated to provide excellent durability and strength. High leverage design reduces user exertion and fatigue. Cutting edges are precision ground and induction hardened for long lasting sharpness and repeated cuts. Low profile, compact design maximizes maneuverability and usability in tight spaces. Plier handles are double-dipped with a textured exterior to provide durability, comfort and control. PE+EVA foam shadow tray keeps the tools organized and secured.


  • PE+EVA foam set with 6" Diagonal Cutters, 6.5" Combination Slip Joint Pliers, 7" Linesmen Pliers, 8" Long Nose Pliers and 12" Rapid Adjustment Water Pump Pliers
  • Precision ground and induction hardened cutting edges provide long lasting sharpness
  • Forged rivet joint provides durable and smooth operation
  • High leverage design reduces user exertion and fatigue
  • Low profile, compact design provides maneuverability in tight spaces
  • Double-dipped handles provide durability, comfort and control without bulk


STDC206 6" Diagonal Cutters
STSJ206 6.5" Combination Slip Joint Pliers
STCP207 7" Linesmen Pliers
STLN208 8" Long Nose Pliers
STWP212QR 12" Rapid Adjustment Water Pump Pliers


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